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AIDA Makoto at Mizuma&One Gallery, Beijing

  • The Ash Color Mountain (detail-Esquisse)
  • 2008
  • panel, paper, sumi ink, water color
  • 42x59.5cm
  • Photo: Kei Miyajima
AIDA Makoto Exhibition “I'm working on huge paintings in Beijng.”

Aida will hold his first solo exhibition in China, “I'm working on huge paintings in Beijing.”, at Mizuma&One Gallery from August 29th. It is a three months long show as well as an open studio. The artist is on production throughout his stay and the audience is welcomed to view his works to be completed.

Just as the exhibition title tells us, Aida is going to work on two huge paintings in Beijing. One of them is “The Ash Color Mountain”, which he began developing an idea in 2006 and completed its esquisse last year. The “Ash Color” is comprised of a pile of millions of dead businessmen and office automation equipment, while its composition is linked to an oriental landscape painting. The work will be 7 meters long and 3 meters wide.

The other huge painting is “Picture of Waterfall”, in which girls in school swimsuits enjoy bathing in the modest-sized nature of Japan. The work was exhibited at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo in 2007 as a work in progress and he is going to finish up there.

“I wouldn't return to Japan until I finish them. Thus I should keep working on them quietly from morning till night, day after day. There is no need of excitement, because I think it is rather a hand-copying of sutras. The perseverance is the key to the success” said the artist. With the strong determination, Aida begins his residence in midsummer Beijing.

AIDA Makoto Exhibition “I'm working on huge paintings in Beijng.”

Aug.29(Sat.) − the end of November (until the completion of the works)
Wed. - Sun. 10:00-18:00
(Closed on National Holidays, Mon. & Tues. for Appointment Only)

Mizuma&One Gallery
No.241-15 Cao Chang Di Art-Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100015 CHINA

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