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The Mimio Library Collection of picture books for the disaster-stricken areas of northeastern Japan.

This is a call for picture book donations.
Please donate a favorite picture book with a message that explains your special relation to it.
All donated books will be sent to the disaster-stricken areas of northeastern Japan.
I will then create the “Mimio Library” that I believe will have a long-term value for the people of northeastern Japan.

It will take the form of a mobile library so that donated books can be delivered to the maximum number of people who will need them, some time from now when they have enough food, clothing and shelter. As a first step, I began collecting picture books from Japan and started the preparation of the library on March 29, 2011, 18 days after the 3.11 quake. Now I would like to expand my call for donations to the World.

I only accept picture books but I would like to also include beautifully illustrated encyclopedias, so don’t hesitate to contact the Mimio Library counter if you have doubts about the book you would like to donate. Please don’t forget to write a few lines about the reason for your particular attachment to your chosen picture book. Those who will read it will then be able to share your imagination, enriching their vision. The number printed on the label of the book is a precious count for us never to forget, as life gradually goes back to normal.
These are the characteristics of the Mimio Library. Your donation can either be a book from your shelf or one that you buy anew; this is where everything starts.

If you would like to support Mimio Library's activity, please download the donation sheet, fill it in, and either directly bring or send your book to the Mimio Library counter. I, as the library founder, personally take responsibility for their dispatch to the disaster-stricken areas.

I owe a lot to picture books. In difficult and lonely times, during long hours I have played with them and enjoyed myself. I have also read many picture books from abroad. Even if I couldn't understand the text, the pictures and colors were open doors to new dimensions. That is why I am also calling for picture books from abroad. Picture books may not have any practical use now, they may not fill stomachs nor replace departed ones, but they will always be there for those who need them, and before one notices, they become wonderful friends. Last but not least, the tremendous power of imagination they hold is a fantastic source of life.


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