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YAMAGUCHI Ai Exhibition at AKI Gallery in Taiwan

  • hikaru kawa mo
  • 2011
  • acrylic on cotton, blanket and panel
  • 115×66×7.5cm
  • photo: Kei Miyajima
  • (c) ai yamaguchi ・ ninyu works

YAMAGUCHI Ai Exhibition "kumogakure"

14 May (sat.) - 5 June (sun.), 2011
Opening reception : 14 May (sat.)  15:00 -

AKI Gallery
141, Min Tsu W. rd., Taipei 103-69, TAIWAN
tel: 886-2-2599-1171
We are pleased to announse YAMAGUCHI Ai's solo exhibition "kumogakure" at AKI Gallery, which is her very first solo show in Taiwan. Inspiring with the traditional Japanese literature "The Tale of Genji" and beauty of Taiwanese nature scenes, Yamaguchi will plants the famous innocent girl that she creates in the gallery space.

The exhibition title "kumogakure" (hidding clouds) stands for the chapter supposed to describe the time between Genji's life and death in The Tale of Genji. As this chapter name reads, the truth about whether Genji is dead or alive is hidden in a blur, but rather than the question of the actual existence of the chapter Yamaguchi feels an overwhelming presence, one of Genji who keeps radiating brilliantly beyond the barrier of life and death. This is something She is always thinking about―a hope that this exhibition will not only remains as a record, but that in this place her works shine, and this light penetrates deep in the hearts of the viewers is at the origin of the show's title.