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Mindfulness! Takahashi Collection 2014 Exhibition

¡ÇMindfulness! Takahashi Collection 2014 Exhibition¡Ç is being held at Nagoya City Art Museum. The works of Mizuma Gallery artists AIDA Makoto, IKEDA Manabu, KUMAZAWA Mikiko, KONOIKE Tomoko and YAMAGUCHI Akira will be amongst those exhibited. We warmly invite you to view the show.


What is ¡ÆMindfulness!¡Ç ?

When we think of the subject of ¡Æart¡Ç, the interpretations, evaluations and feelings that arise in us are largely influenced by personal (as well as cultural, or collective) bias. Because of this, to really perceive art in its ¡Ætruth¡Ç is extremely difficult. To put such pre-conceived, limiting judgements aside as if temporarily putting them in brackets,, simply accepting the art as art: this is what I have termed ¡ÆMindfulness¡Ç.

¡ÆThe awareness of what is happening here in the present moment¡Ç is a fundamental theme of Buddhist meditation. Recently, in cognitive behavioural therapy too ¡Æmindfulness¡Ç has become a widely used term.. Through a mindful state one can achieve the realization that the psychological troubles one has previously experienced are neither adequate reflections of reality, nor are they things central to oneself. This process is termed ¡Æde-centralization¡Ç

Precisely because of the direction in which our art is headed, it seems important that we should adopt an attitude of ¡Æmindfulness¡Ç. In that case, artists might experience the awakening of a new realization - or a decentralization process - when making new works. Further, the very act of making a collection: isn't this itself a form of mindfulness?

Takahashi Ryutaro
(English translation: Mizuma Gallery)

Date: Saturday 12th April - Sunday 8th June 2014

Venue: Nagoya City Art Museum
¢©460-0008 Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Sakae 2-17-25 [within Shirakawa Park of Arts and Sciences]
Tel: 052-212- 0001¡¡
Fax: 052-212- 0005
Closed: Mondays (except Monday 5th May, a public holiday, on which day the museum will remain open and close on Wednesday 7th May instead)
Opening Hours: 09:30 – 17:00, and on Fridays until 20:00 (entrance closes 30 minutes before closing time)
Entry Fee: General 1,000±ß (800±ß) / High school students 700±ß (500±ß) / Junior and middle school students free, but groups of 20 students or larger will be charged an entry fee.
¢¨ ¡ÆMindfulness! Takahashi Collection 2014 Exhibition¡Ç tickets also allow access to the Museum¡Çs permanent collection exhibition.

[Participating Artists:]
AIDA Makoto, AKIYAMA Sayaka, ANDO Masako, IKEDA Manabu, ITO Zon, UMETSU Youichi, OHNO Satoshi, ODANI Motohiko, KASHIKI Tomoko, KATO Izumi, KATO Mika, KUSAMA Yayoi, KUMAZAWA Mikiko, KOIDE Naoki, , KONOIKE Tomoko, KONDO Aki, SAKAMOTO Natsuko, SAWA Hiraki, SHIOTA Chiharu, SHIOYASU Tomoko, SHIGA Lieko, SUGA Kishio, SOMEYA Arika, TAKEMURA Kei, TANAKA Koki, TABAIMO, Chim¢¬Pom, NACHI Satoko, NARA Yoshitomo, NINAGAWA Mika, HATAKEYAMA Naoya, FUKUYA Etsuko, MATSUI Erina, MURAKAMI Takasahi, MURASE Kyoko, YANAGI Miwa, YANOBE Kenji, YAMAGUCHI Akira, TADANORI Yokoo, WADA Noriko
Opening Lecture
Professor Takahashi Ryutaro and some of the artists displayed in the exhibition (Akiyama Sayaka, Kato Izumi, Konoike Tomoko and others) will hold a guided talk about some of the works in the exhibition in front of the works themselves.
Date: Saturday 12th April, 14:00¡Á
Venue: Meeting at the Exhibition entrance, Nagoya City Art Museum

KONOIKE Tomoko Workshop
Date: Sunday 11th May, 14:00¡Á
Further details and how to participate in this event will be announced on the gallery homepage as soon as they are confirmed.

YAMAGUCHI Akira Artist Talk and Book Signing
The exhibited artist Yamaguchi Akira will hold a talk about his works, followed by a book-signing.
Date: Sunday 25th May, 14:00¡Á
Venue: Nagoya City Art Museum 2F auditorium, admission free, capacity 180