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YAMAGUCHI Ai solo show @ Joshua Liner Gallery, New York

YAMAGUCHI Ai will have a solo show "shinchishirin" at Joshua Liner Gallery, New York. It will be Yamaguchi’s first exhibition with the gallery and her first New York solo show since 2002.
  • hana ni naku
  • 2014
  • acrylic on cotton, panel
  • 32.5×57.5×7cm
  • (c) ai yamaguchi ・ninyu works
Yamaguchi Ai's works in this exhibition can be seen at once as depicting the beauty of the female form, and gesturing towards the lives of women whose bodies are exploited.

Her use of intimate materials such as bedlinen as the bases for her paintings relates to this subject matter. Part of this show will feature newer works in the form of three-dimensional canvases made up of layers of cloth. Cotton fibre padding is placed across wooden panel and then covered in fabric, which Yamaguchi sees as a fusion similar to the relationship between skin and the underlying flesh of the human body.

The works are also linked in their concept to Japanese 'waka' (traditional poems), and their expression of the nuances of human emotion.

We invite you to enjoy the delicate undulations and poetic thoughtfulness of Yamaguchi's art.
  • shin to san
  • 2013
  • acrylic on cotton, blanket and panel
  • 31.5×34.5×5.5cm
  • (c) ai yamaguchi ・ninyu works
ai yamaguchi | shinchishirin

8 May - 7 June, 2014

Joshua Liner Gallery
540 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001