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YAMAGUCHI Akira at Ota Memorial Museum of Art (Tokyo)

YAMAGUCHI Akira will participate in the exhibition ‘Excellent Techniques of Carving and Printing: 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Multi-Coloured Printing’ at the Ota Memorial Museum of Art from Saturday 8th August 2015.
  • New Tokyo Attractions 'Shiba Tower'
  • Woodcut (hand-printed)
  • 392 x 269mm

2015 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Nishiki-e (colour-printed ukiyo-e) since its establishment in 1765 by Suzuki Harunobu. One of the reasons that Nishiki-e achieved worldwide popularity was the techniques involved in printing them.

In this exhibition, commemorating this 250th anniversary, the exhibition will focus on introducing the refined skills of ukiyo-e wood-block printing. By bringing one’s attention to the less known techniques of wood-block carving and printing, the show hopes to allow visitors to discover a new charm in ukiyo-e.
  • New Tokyo Attractions (on the Tokaido) 'Nihombashi Revisited'
  • Woodcut (hand-printed)
  • 392 x 269mm
Saturday 1st August 2015 - Sunday 27th September 2015
First Half of Exhibition Period: Saturday 1st August - Sunday 30th August
Second Half of Exhibition Period: Friday 4th September - Sunday 27th September
※ Please note that Yamaguchi’s works will be shown throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Opening hours: 10:30 - 17:30 (last entry 17:00)
Closed on Mondays and from 1st-3rd September 2015

Admission: general 700円, university and high school students 500円, middle school students or younger have free admission

Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Musem of Art
Jingumae 1-10-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0001