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O JUN, TENMYOUYA Hisashi and YAMAMOTO Ryuki in ‘N COLLECTION: ‘Ship of Theseus’’ (Momoshima)

The group exhibition ‘N COLLECTION: ‘Ship of Theseus’’ is being held on the island of Momoshima in Hiroshima Prefecture from 3rd October 2015.

ART BASE MOMOSHIMA will showcase the collections of Mr. N., a collector of world-renowned contemporary art. Mr. N., originally from Onomichi, Hiroshima, has been a collector of Yukinori Yanagi’s artwork long before Yanagi became the Director of ART BASE MOMOSHIMA. This exhibition will offer the opportunity to experience contemporary art at first hand in Onomichi, where such exhibitions are rare. The exhibition includes work by the contemporary Japanese art master, Yoshishige Saito, and his apprentice, Noriyuki Haraguchi. Additionally, Kyotaro Hakamata, O JUN, and Yukinori Yanagi will be featured, whose works uniquely represent the artist milieu of Japan in the 1980s. Young artists such as Teppei Kaneuji, Lee Kit, Kuniyosi Ixima and Keiji Izumi will also be presented, representing three generations of Japanese artists.
Saturday 3rd October - Sunday 29th November 2015
10:00~17:00 (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
Venue: ART BASE MOMOSHIMA, Nissho-Kan, and more / Onomichi, Hiroshima Remote Island “Momoshima”
Admisssion:Regular Ticktes 700円(a 100-yen coin is necessary to view the artwork in the Nissho-Kan)

Artists Exhibited: HAKAMATA Kyotaro, Kuniyosi IXIMA, Keiji IZUMI, O JUN, KANEUJI Teppei, Lee Kit, Yoshishige SAITO, Sequoyah Aono, Vee Speers, TENMYOUYA Hisahi, William Villalongo, Taryn Wells, YAMAMOTO Ryuki