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O JUNs solo exhibition Paper Sumo at Gallery Kido Press (Tokyo)

  • O JUN
  • Odoroku Watashi
  • 2015
  • Copperplate engraving, lithograph
O JUN's solo show 'Paper Sumo' will be held at Gallery Kido Press (Tokyo) from Saturday 21st November 2015.

For this show O JUN will explore a new exhibition format, presenting new print works and drawings across two opposing walls within the space. The motif of the woodland area behind O JUNs home - one which he has been exploring from 2013 onwards - will figure in each print and drawing - the faces peeking through the gaps between the trees, doves fluttering their wings, and so forth, each bearing a certain fascination - whilst at the same time presenting a kind of mutual rivalry.

This exhibition takes Kami-Sumo or Paper Sumo as its subject, and both the drawings and prints take place in a sumo arena of sorts. There is a kind of playfulness in the strength of the paintings, while at the same time the print works sense of momentum as if to overwhelm the paintings. This show surely constitutes a new frontier for O JUN, as an artist who enjoys working in the worlds of both media in a manner replete with humour.

In the words of O JUN:
Since the very beginning of 2013, I have been repeatedly depicting this same motif. However, each time I work on it, the techniques and painting materials change. For this show at Kido Press, I created prints and I also tried working in pencil and crayon on paper. Each were printed or drawn, respectively, on paper, in a way that I think fits accordingly with the gallerys walls.
They are like paper sumo wrestlers. Perhaps both of them are losing.
Hakkeyoi! Nokotta, nokotta!
The sumo referee is trying to push them onto canvas.

From Gallery Kido press release (translation: Mizuma Art Gallery)

Saturday 21st November - Sunday 27th December 2015
12:00 - 19:00
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, holidays
Gallery Kido Press, 3331 Arts Chiyoda no. 204, Sotokanda 6-11,14, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0021